Year 1


design statement

為提高將軍澳長者對零廚餘的意識,我們舉辦了“長者及中學生種植工作坊”。 此活動的目的是教育長者有關廚餘的知識,增進將軍澳長者與社區之間的人際關係,讓長者有一個有意義的愛好。 工作坊將包括 4 個階段:簡介會、堆肥製作、種植和分享。

To raise awareness of zero food waste among TKO elderly, we have organised an “Elderly & Secondary School Student Planting Workshop”.

The aim of this activity is to educate the elderly about knowledge of food waste, improve human connection between TKO elderly & community and give elderly a meaningful hobby. The workshop would include 4 stages: Briefing, Composite Making, Planting and Sharing.

group members

Chan Hei Blyth – Graphic Design
Villamor Christine Joy P. – Graphic Design
Leung Kam Ling Karlie – Fashion Design
Chan Chian Ning Jessica – Fashion Design
Hung Ngok San Orson – Interior Architecture

Our workshop will take the art gallery as the background, and introduce the reuse of food waste and improve interpersonal communication, so that the target group can apply what they have learned.

Our activity takes “linking&love” as the theme, which aims to use the emotion between the dog and the dog owner to connect to food waste and interpersonal relationship issues. Dog owners have a deep love for dogs. Through this activity, dog owners can re-recognize the use of food waste and establish interpersonal relationships.