靈活 Flexible

Year 1


design statement

我們留意度很多家庭主婦 不懂如何處理廚餘, 所以把處於直接扔掉,我們希望藉着此活動 讓更多家庭主婦了解廚餘。希望人們靈活地處理廚餘, 除了放入廚餘回收機外, 也能做更多有趣的事。

We have noticed that many homemakers don’t know how to deal with food waste, so they just throw them all away. Through this activity, our objective is to make more homemakers learn and understand more about food waste. We also hope that more people handle food waste flexibly and do more interesting things besides putting them in the food waste recycling machine.

group members

Kwan Siu Lun, Kelvin – Graphic Design

Chui Wai Kiu, Vicky – Graphic Design

Chow Yik Shun, Chris – Fashion Design

Leung Ho Hei, Howie – Fashion Design

CJ Darusin, CJ – Interior Architecture


Homemakers play an important role in the family. Not only do they hope to provide their family with the best, they also want to save money at the same time, so they normally prefer to buy fresh food from the market at a discount. This results in a lot of food leftovers being thrown away. So, through this activity, we would like to make housewives re-recognize food waste and make good use of ingredients.