Year 1


design statement

為提高將軍澳長者對零廚餘的意識,我們舉辦了“長者及中學生種植工作坊”。 此活動的目的是教育長者有關廚餘的知識,增進將軍澳長者與社區之間的人際關係,讓長者有一個有意義的愛好。 工作坊將包括 4 個階段:簡介會、堆肥製作、種植和分享。

To raise awareness of zero food waste among TKO elderly, we have organised an “Elderly & Secondary School Student Planting Workshop”.

The aim of this activity is to educate the elderly about knowledge of food waste, improve human connection between TKO elderly & community and give elderly a meaningful hobby. The workshop would include 4 stages: Briefing, Composite Making, Planting and Sharing.

group members

CHAN Ho Ying – Graphic Design
LAU Kin Wang – Fashion Design
KWOK Wai Fung -Interior Architecture
LI Angelica – Graphic Design
ZHENG Haolin – Interior Architecture
Siriwut CHOPAKA – Fashion Design

Human Connection – Connecting our target user elderly by physical activities and create sense of belongings.

TKO Community – The whole event would be happened in Tseung Kwan O and may invite other TKO residents to take part in.

Zero Food Waste – To practice zero food waste, we would look for different design directions and solutions, such as source reduction and upcycling.

人際關係 – 通過體育活動連接我們的目標用戶老年人並創造歸屬感。

將軍澳社區 – 整個活動將在將軍澳舉行,並可能邀請其他將軍澳居民參加。

零食物浪費 – 為了實踐零食物浪費,我們會尋找不同的設計方向和解決方案,例如減少源頭和升級回收。