小農夫聯盟 Farmer League

Year 1


design statement


We noticed that kindergarten children generally like to play heroic roles. Therefore, our activities are mainly based on the mode of assigning tasks so that children can take on the role. When they are interested in participating in our activities, we can teach them little knowledge about food waste and cultivate good skills. Eating habits also strengthen the cooperation and connection between parents and children.

group members

Maggie – Graphic Design
Wendy – Fashion Design
Jenny – Fashion Design
Hagan – Fashion Design
Michael – Interior Architecture


Nowadays families with kindergarten children, because children in the family generally have the habit of partial eating, leading to a lot of food waste. Although parents have zero food waste awareness, they do not know much about the children because of the lack of time to spend with them, so there is no certainty. The methods and scheming to teach children. We hope that through these designs, we can really help families with kindergarten children to establish the concept of zero food waste and strengthen the connection between family members.