Integrated Practice in Social Design Project

Human Connection in TKO Community through Zero Food Waste

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Improve the quality of life of Tseung Kwan O  communities through creating human connection
  • Mobilize and educate citizens to concern more about zero waste
  • Empower through co-creation
  • Promote creativity among secondary school students

Target users are:

  • Pet owners
  • Family with kindergarten children
  • Students (secondary)
  • Homemakers (i.e., housewives of househusbands)
  • Young adults
  • Elderlies

6 teams of multi-disciplinary designers combining of Fashion, Graphic and Interior have been formed to help creating a festival event in TKO to cover the following areas:

  • Mobile Booths (Interior Architecture)
  • Promotion Materials (Graphic Design)
  • Creative outfits (Fashion Design)
Year 1
Year 1
C4 Party
Year 1